Marketing Assistant


About Us

We are an innovative IT startup looking to fundamentally change the restaurant ordering and payment experience using tablet and kiosk menu systems. We are currently the top smart-menu solution in the UK, having reached the finals of the Tech Innovation Awards at Restaurant Tech Live 2016. Visit our product website at for more information. Check our blog posts and tweets for the latest updates.

About You

You are an ambitious graduate / final year student with some amount of tangible and relevant work experience who is looking for a challenging role with real responsibility and impact. You want to prove yourself in a demanding environment to establish a solid reputation that will set the tone for the growth of your long term career.

You understand and value what it means to invest into your personal development and you have the motivation and the discipline to follow through with the effort needed to take yourself to the next level.

About the Role

As we are a startup with a small team, the role-holder will work directly with the founders and partners to deliver on all of the marketing needs of the company. The goal is to take on as much as possible of various responsibilities and deliver on them independently with only high level guidance. There is clear scope to develop into a fully fledged Marketing Manager if the role holder is able to step up and perform at the required level. The key responsibilities are listed below:

Digital and Social Media Content Creation and Editing

• understand and explain what makes our products and services unique
• understand the target customers and their needs for each product segment
• help customers come to a purchase decision with the published content
• create stories that show the value our services bring to our customers
• ensure a consistent message and presentation across all marketing mediums
• brainstorm with the rest of the team to define concise and punchy wording for our message
• define the layout and content of web site sections, advertisements and brochures
• produce iterative mock-ups and gather feedback to refine the final content
• manage the overall website content with regular updates
• enhance existing content with visuals, animations or videos
• optimize our web content for relevant search engine key-words (SEO)
• check and proof-read all content for accuracy and cohesiveness
• conceptualize, create and publish relevant news content
• regularly post on Twitter, Facebook and the company blog
• keep up to date with relevant industry news
• crate an engaged non-customer fan-base who may later refer us to customers
• monitor and report on web and social media analytics

Video / Photo Producing and Directing

• understand the business aim of the video / photo
• craft the story that needs to be told
• prepare a detailed script and description of the scene
• organize the setup the scene with all technical requirements
• ensure the planning and smooth execution of the recording / photo shoot
• personally execute basic recording and shoots
• out-task complex recording and shooting work to freelancers
• supervise the end-to-end execution of any out-tasked work

Multimedia Editing

• edit video segments in a way that is invisible to the audience
• ensure logical sequencing in videos
• annotate videos and photos with subtitles, highlights or focus areas
• trim, freeze, crop and zoom recordings as needed to make the final cut appealing to a viewer
• add content to green-screens and project according to point of view
• perform basic color correction
• perform background removal
• out-task complex design work to freelancers
• supervise the end-to-end execution of any out-tasked work
• publish in the required formats (resolution / bit-rate / file type)


Please send a CV and a cover letter to